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Training by Tim Owens...since 1996.
Over 25 years of happy training clients.

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This website and this training by Tim Owens
Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1997.

Tim is also a Veteran; U.S. Marine Corps.

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A message for all in positions of leadership

Your employees are your "customer obsession" as you want
them to feel valued and you want them to stay with your

The clients you serve are your "customer obsession" as
you want them to receive the highest quality of service
(and not complain about the level of service) under your leadership.

-->>Jeff Bezos on customer obsession click to view (source: YouTube)

The following quote (below) is by Jeff Dirks.
Jeff Dirks is a C-level Executive of temp agency
True Blue...3rd largest Temp Agency world-wide.

"Incorporating new technologies to
help improve the process attracts
and retains better candidates,
produces more satisfied clients, and helps
your organization stand out in a
highly competitive landscape for workers".
(quote by Jeff Dirks of True Blue).




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