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"Incorporating new technologies to
help improve the process attracts
and retains better candidates, produces
more satisfied clients, and helps
your organization stand out in a
highly competitive landscape for workers".
(quote by Jeff Dirk of True Blue).

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook,
and PowerPoint quick reference videos
usually no more than 30-seconds * in duration.

98% of office workers don't know how to
use Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or
PowerPoint properly or correctly.

You want happy, productive employees.
Use this website to help them get there.

33 professional organizations wrote
letters of praise for this content.
33. Let that sink in. View these
letters of praise in the links below.

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My name is Timothy Owens and for
the past 26 years (since 1996)
I have worked side by side with
office workers and admin professionals
at their desks to help them become
better at their job. I have found that
98% of employees do not use Microsoft Word,
Excel, Outlook,or PowerPoint correctly.

Use these "quick reference" videos for two things!

#1 Use them for "quick" training (easy, quick, and fun).
(Great for "onboarding" new employees and contractors).

#2 Use them when your employees need "quick-help"
to remember how to do a specific task in Word,
Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more. Quick. Easy.
Fun. Efficient! More value for your money! How great!!!

Make sure your employees and contractors are bringing
the highest value to your organization with training
that makes them a "cut above" the rest of the competition.

This online training created by Tim Owens.
Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1997.
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) since 1997,
and United States Marine Corps Veteran (1st Btln / 9th Marines).

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***** These videos are as close to 30 seconds
as possible. Some are more and some are less.

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